Sunday, 21 October 2018

Christmas Tree Sparkle

I kept on looking in my tin of Silver sparkly beads that I had collected and decided I would like to use them to make a Christmas project for a challenge I was taking part in on You Tube.  I was inspired for this project from watching numerous You Tube videos.  I started by cutting a piece of cardboard to size and covering it using White Gesso, I did several coats making sure none of the cardboard was visible.  I covered two sides of the cardboard with White lace, I then covered all four sides with Hessian and lace. I roughly sketched the outline of a Christmas Tree and then filled it using all my beads of different shapes and sizes.  I embellished with Silver snowflakes and White bows.  I finished by using some Silver ribbon at the top of the plaque so that it could be hung.

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